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What is the Effortless Method to Automate Your Document Collection

Gone are those days of collecting paper documents manually. Automated documentation systems are now revolutionizing businesses in embracing proactive measures for improving their business efficiency in their document collection processes. If you are looking to adopt the same for your business, here are some easy and simple steps and methods which you could follow. 

    • Online Form Builder
      Choose a user-friendly online form builder such as Google Forms, JotForm, or Typeform. These forms provide a variety of interfaces including drag-and-drop, multiple choice answer format, list format, paragraph type format, file upload fields and many other related customized fields in which you can freely generate forms just as per your specific requirements.
  • Design Your Form
    If you are clear about the data which you need to obtain from your clients, this step is going to be quite easy. Just design your form with all the required information and documents that are to be collected. Online forms offer you the advancements of adding client details, document descriptions, and other additional information you would want to add.
  • Configure Automation Alert
    Configuring automated alerts will not only save your time considerably but also improves customer retention, and overall interaction. You can set up email notifications for this to alert you when a client submits a form. You can also send automatic confirmation emails to clients upon successful form submission.
  • Link with Your Cloud Storage Systems
    This is another way to streamline your document collection process. If you connect your online form builder with your cloud storage platforms or document management systems, all documents, and data uploaded through the forms will be automatically saved in the designated folders or locations of your cloud platforms. Today, almost all form builders offer integrations with popular services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or SharePoint.
  • Implement Workflow Automation
    Workflow automation tools can streamline your document collection process if it involves multiple steps or approvals. Platforms like Zapier or Microsoft Power Automate allow you to create automated workflows triggered by form submissions. This may include automatically forwarding documents to specific team members, generating customized email notifications, or initiating document review processes.
  • Set Up Reminders and Follow-Ups
    You can bring more professionalism to your document management system, by adopting automated reminder and follow-up options which it offers. For this, you may use built-in features or external tools to set automated reminders and follow-ups for clients who haven’t submitted their documents within a specified timeframe. This would also help you to ensure the timely collection of required documents and reduces manual tracking efforts.
  • Test and Optimize
     Before deploying any automated process, it is important to thoroughly test it to make it free of bugs and any possible issues. Always ensure that all components of your online documentation platform are functioning as expected. You may also take feedback from the users, and make required changes based on this, and further optimize the process for greater efficiency and accuracy.

More importantly, remember to consider data privacy and security measures when automating your document collection. Make sure that the online document collection tools you have chosen rightly follow the data protection regulations and provide appropriate security measures in protecting sensitive client information.

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